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Disposing Asbestos & Special Waste

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Special wastes, soils and asbestos can be disposed of at Shoal Bay. You will need to seek approval and follow our guidelines before bringing these items to Shoal Bay.

Shoal Bay accepts the disposal of asbestos, special wastes and soils (including clean fill) subject to Council approval and Land Use Contaminants Guidelines.

Approval Process

Due to the nature of these materials, we require an application and approval process before these items can be disposed at Shoal Bay. If you wish to dispose of this material at Shoal Bay, you must:

Step 1: Application

Fill out an application form for special waste disposal. Please follow all instructions on the application form

Application forms are also available in hard copy from Shoal Bay.

Processing information

  • Your application can take up to two business days to process (longer processing times may apply if testing or further information is required).
  • You will be notified of your approval via email.
  • Please do not make disposal arrangements prior to approval.

Step 2: Book your disposal

After you receive approval, you must book in your disposal.

To make a booking 

  • Have your approval number handy (you will need to quote this to make the booking)
  • Email: to schedule your disposal booking.
  • Booking times are pre-determined and are subject to availability (booking your disposal time).

Your booking will not be accepted without an approval number.

Step 3: At the Shoal Bay Weighbridge

When you arrive at Shoal Bay, you will need to report to the weighbridge officer where you are required to:

  • present the first load of approved waste
  • a completed copy of the authorised approval
  • arrange payment for the disposal (non-account holders only).

If you cannot provide these items, your load may be rejected.

Entering Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility

You will be provided directions by weighbridge staff before entering the facility. Please ensure all directions are followed and obey all signage within the facility.

Smoking and scavenging is not permitted at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility.

Booking Your Disposal Time

Special wastes and asbestos require a specific process for disposal. The deep burials required for these materials are conducted at specific times throughout the week. Places are limited with four loads accepted per scheduled time slot.

The times that deep burials are conducted are Monday to Friday at:

  • 9.00am
  • 11.00am
  • 2.00pm

Please ensure you book your disposal time before arriving at Shoal Bay with asbestos or special wastes.


What is special waste?

The following items are considered special waste and can be disposed of at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. If you are looking to dispose of any of these items, you will need to complete the appropriate application form.

  • animal effluent and residues
  • asbestos
  • clinical and related waste
  • sewerage sludge and residues including nightsoil and septic tank sludge
  • soils contaminated with a listed waste.
Why do I need to get approval before disposing of asbestos, special waste or soils?

Generally these items will require a specific process to ensure that they are disposed of safely and appropriately, these items are all disposed of in-line with the Land Use Contaminants Guidelines. Asbestos and special wastes can only be disposed of by appointment and subject to availability.

I have fibreglass to dispose of, how can I do this?

Disposing fibreglass is considered to be special waste. We can accept fibreglass disposal at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility. A special waste application form will need to be submitted prior to taking fibreglass to Shoal Bay.

More Information

For assistance and additional information on disposing special waste, asbestos and soils please contact the Waste and Recycling team:

08 8930 0300

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