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Green Waste

Green waste is organic garden waste that can be turned into useful items such as mulch. In Darwin you can dispose of your green waste at Shoal Bay Mulch and take home some fresh mulch to keep your garden happy.

Green waste is recyclable.

Thats right, you can recycle green waste but not in your yellow lid bin!

Dispose Your Green Waste at Shoal Bay Mulch

City of Darwin does not offer a green waste collection service. As a resident of City of Darwin you can dispose your household green waste for free at Shoal Bay Mulch (inside Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility). You will need to bring your access tag to enter.

Shoal Bay Mulch accepts

  • palm fronds
  • shrubs
  • small tree prunings
  • lawn clippings
  • tree stumps (up to 1.5m long x 20cm diameter).

Shoal Bay Mulch recycles green waste into a variety of high quality potting mix and mulch that are available for sale to the public.

Why you shouldn't put green waste in your red lid bin

If you put green waste in your red lid bin it ends up as landfill.

The problem with this is that in landfill material decomposes without oxygen (anaerobically). This process produces odorous gases and methane which are not good for the environment.

Organic waste in landfill also produces leachate, a liquid that’s created as material decomposes. This leachate must be carefully managed as it contains harmful substances that can pollute groundwater and waterways if not contained.

Why not try composting?

More than half of the waste in a average household bin could be diverted from landfill by composting. Home composting returns organic matter to the soil and improves the soils ability to hold nutrients and moisture. Where there is insufficient room for composting a worm farm or Bokashi bin may be suitable.

If you compost at home, or drop your green waste at Shoal Bay, then the composting process occurs using oxygen (aerobically) which is far better for the environment.

Everyone wins when you recycle your green waste correctly!

So recycle your thinking and learn to recycle for good.

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