Darwin's Floral Emblem

Darwin's Floral Emblem: Red Kurrajong (Brachychiton paradoxum)
The red kurrajong is a slow growing deciduous tree standing up to 8 metres tall with large leaves and a round base. The tree flowers in the dry season when the tree is bare of leaves.

During 2020/21, City of Darwin staff rediscovered Darwin’s floral emblem in Council’s archive records after 54 years. The floral emblem was first adopted by Council in 1966. The emblem was adopted by Council following a public competition to select a floral emblem to represent the city. The competition prize was 10 pounds.
In August 1965, Council adopted the Frangipani as the winning entry, however it was later changed in September 1966 when Alderman Spence moved a motion to rescind the decision for the Frangipani to be the City’s floral emblem and that the Council’s Director of Parks and Gardens (Mr Edwards) submit suggestions for suitable plants. Council adopted the Red Kurrajong to be the City’s floral emblem in September 1966.


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