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Upgrade of CBD On-Street Accessible Car Parking Bays

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Upgrade of CBD On-Street Accessible Car Parking Bays

After a review of all on-street accessible car parking bays within the CBD, City of Darwin has committed to upgrading 18 of the bays which were found to be inadequate.

This project will see 9 of the existing parking bays upgraded in their approximate location with new kerb ramps, signs and line markings. The remaining 9 identified parking bays will be relocated to more suitable, nearby locations.

As part of this project, the signs of other existing accessible on-street car parking bays will be updated to encourage a higher turnover of these bays.

Plans showing the extent of the upgrades and location of the relocated bays can be viewed at the links below.

CBD Accessible Parking Upgrade - Location Plan
Location Sheet 2 - 130 Esplanade
Location Sheet 3 - 122 Esplanade
Location Sheet 4 - 93 Mitchell Street (Esplanade frontage)
Location Sheet 5 - 93 Mitchell Street (Esplanade frontage)
Location Sheet 6 - 90 Esplanade
Location Sheet 7 - 84 Esplanade
Location Sheet 8 - 68 Esplanade
Location Sheet 9 - 66 Esplanade
Location Sheet 10 - 69 Mitchell Street
Location Sheet 11 - 52 Mitchell Street
Location Sheet 12 - 55 Mitchell Street
Location Sheet 13 - 47 Mitchell Street
Location Sheet 14 - 24 Mitchell Street
Location Sheet 15 - 67 Smith Street
Location Sheet 16 - 55 Smith Street
Location Sheet 17 - 52 The Mall
Location Sheet 18 - 40 Cavenagh Street
Location Sheet 19 -18 Cavenagh Street
Location Sheet 20 - 12 Cavenagh Street
Location Sheet 21 - 42 Knuckey Street (Woods Street Frontage)

Please note that if you are using a disability parking permit within the Darwin municipality, your permit allows free on-street parking, where parking meters are installed, in any time-restricted area (other than a designated accessible parking bay) for twice the period indicated e.g. 3 hours extended to 6 hours. Once the free parking time has expired, normal parking restrictions apply i.e. paying for parking and time restrictions.

Works are expected to commence in March 2021, weather permitting.

Responsible Officer: Roman Maher, Senior Design Officer.

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