Vesteys Beach Surf Park - private investment brochure

Vesteys Beach Surf Park is a unique public space enhancement concept on land adjacent to Vesteys Beach in Fannie Bay.
The City of Darwin is inviting private investment for the development of a recreational surf facility on the 200,000m2 site. There is an existing
man-made lagoon on the site, measuring approximately 400 x 200 metres, making the site suitably positioned for such a development.

Alongside the surf park, City of Darwin invites investors to additionally consider:
– development of a surf-club style hospitality development with small outdoor eateries and cafés
– development of surrounding parklands, playgrounds and green space
– other development proposals (which can be discussed individually)
The site has some existing infrastructure, including toilets, cycle and walking paths, BBQ and picnic facilities, a playground and car parking.

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