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Important message

Attention all visitors to Casuarina Library

Please be advised that the library will reopen on Tuesday 3 October as planned. However, we would like to inform you that the building works on the courtyard have experienced some delays. As a result, there may be some noise from the ongoing building works, including jackhammering tiles. Temporary fencing has been erected around the courtyard area. During this time, the courtyard will be inaccessible for approximately 2-3 weeks. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please contact City of Darwin on 8930 0300 for advice on appropriate disposal methods.

Some waste items should not go in either your red lid or yellow lid bin.

This includes hazardous items and commercial waste.

Some items like soil, rock and stone need prior approval before they can be taken to Shoal Bay.

If you are unsure whether your items can be taken to Shoal Bay then talk to Council's Waste Team to find out the best ways to dispose these items. 

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