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City Parking Location Map

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There are a number of on-street and off-street parking locations throughout the CBD.

City Parking Map

Paid parking is required from 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. During these hours, valid payment options are:

Get to know the locations of all of our parking zones and locations throughout Darwin city via our handy parking map.

This is an interactive map which allows you to choose on-street parking locations by zone.

To find out more on the off-street parking options, including the newly opened State Square Car Park, view Parking Fees

Read more about parking fees

Motorcycle Parking

All motorcycle parking is free if you park in a designated motorcycle bay.

On-Street Parking

The CBD has three different on-street parking zones. Our city parking map is a great way to find the location of a zone to suit your needs.

All parking zones are patrolled regularly for vehicles to ensure a valid payment is made.

Off-Street Parking

There are eleven off-street city car parks in the CBD, this includes three multi-storey car parks. Look for the blue "P" parking symbol to find the most convenient car park for you.  

The off-street car parks provide over 2000 spaces in the city and have reasonable fees for all-day parking. Your daily off-street parking ticket is only valid for the car park you purchase it from or PayStay Zone. Off-street car park tickets or PayStay sessions cannot be used for On-street parking.

Overnight Parking in Darwin City

Free overnight parking is available in all off-street open-air car parks (except West Lane and Chinatown car parks) every night from 5.00pm - 8.00am. Overnight parking fees apply in West Lane and Chinatown car parks between Monday to Thursday, 5.00pm - 8.00am.

Nightly Closures of Westlane and Chinatown Car Parks

West Lane and Chinatown car parks are locked at night. Your vehicle will not be accessible until the car park re-opens the following day.

Signs displaying opening and closing times are displayed at the entrance of these car parks.

Weekend and Public Holiday Parking in Darwin City

ALL parking throughout Darwin's city centre on weekends and public holidays is FREE all day (please note closure times of multi-story car parks). Time restrictions have been removed on these days as part of a six-month trial. 

More Information

For more information about parking locations and other parking information please contact:

08 8930 0570

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