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Pets & Wildlife

Pets & Wildlife

All you need to know about pet ownership and local wildlife here in Darwin.

There is nothing like enjoying the company of animals in our surroundings. Discover more about common wildlife in Darwin and your rights and responsibilities as a pet owner

Last modified 
13 Dec 2018

Has your cat or dog gone missing?

Losing your furry friend can be a stressful and worrying experience. Darwin has a number of avenues to help find your lost pet.

Understand the essentials of being a pet owner in Darwin

Whether you've just arrived or brought home a furry friend, there are requirements to owning cats and dogs in Darwin.

Get to know how we manage dogs and cats in our community.

We can help with the many aspects of pet ownership, from training and education to assisting with issues and complaints.

We are committed to implementing strategies to control and eradicate pests in Darwin.

Find out more about cane toads, swooping birds and mosquitoes.

Join our Gardens for Wildlife program!

Gardening in the tropics is a unique experience, you can go one step further by turning your home or school's garden into a wildlife habitat.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important for you and your pooch.

There are a number of options when it comes to outdoor exercise for your dog in Darwin. Learn more about where you can excercise your dog, including on and off leash areas. 

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