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Nature strips

Well maintained nature strips enhance our City's environment and streetscape by providing shade, visual appeal and a habitat for birds and other wildlife. We encourage all residents to maintain their nature strips and also provide a number of services that assist them in doing so.

Due to high demand and scarcity of resources, the nature strips program has closed for the remainder of the financial year and will recommence in July 2021.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Maintaining your Nature Strip

Did you know?

It is your responsibility to prune any overhanging vegetation from your property and on your verge.

Our verge policy and verge guidelines detail when and how much you need to cut back to meet standard requirements. As a general rule of thumb, your garden and plants on your naturestrip should not restrict pedestrian access or line of sight for drivers or pedestrians. 

Planting on Your Nature Strip

Developing (ie planting) your nature strip is subject to our verge policy and guidelines. If you wish to landscape your nature strip with plants or materials other than grass, we recommend familiarising yourself with the policy and guidelines.

If you wish to still develop your verge, then the following form can be submitted to City of Darwin for approval before any works have taken place.  

Trees on Nature Strips

Trees and shrubs planted on nature strips provide shade, beauty, privacy and wind protection. They make more attractive streets, assist in the greening of Darwin, attract birds and help filter dust and pollution.

Nature strip trees will thrive and flourish given additional watering during dry periods. Nature strips in the municipality are under Council control and permission must be obtained before planting or removing any trees on nature strips.

Nature Strip Assistance Program

Our nature strip assistance program helps property owners beautify and enhance your nature strip by providing the materials you need to get started.

This program is available to residences on a "one-off" basis only and cannot be supplied to residences who have already accessed this program.

Top soil supplied is to be used on the nature strip only and is not available for use on private property or yards.

The program typically runs until September/October annually with accessibility dependent on weather conditions.

Apply for Naturestrip Assistance Program

What you get from the program

We will deliver top soil, grass seed and fertiliser to your property for you so that you can organise and undertake the work.

Important Notice

  • Property owners will be responsible for the spreading of topsoil, seed and fertiliser themselves, unfortunately Council is unable to provide labour assistance with this.
  • Delivery will be within two weeks once your application has been received and approved. Top soil will be delivered directly to the nature strip, fertiliser and seed is delivered separately together with an information sheet on establishing your lawn.
  • It is a requirement that pedestrian access must be maintained at all times. Should you wish to prevent pedestrian access temporarily whilst your lawn germinates, a permit must be applied for through Council.

More Information

For more information on planting or maintenance of your nature strip please contact us on

08 8930 0300

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